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  • Adjustable Flip Stop

    We have been granted a patent for our Adjustable Flip Stop. It is designed to make machining faster by requiring less setup time. In addition, the accuracy is maintained as part after part is positioned .
  • CMS Sprockets

    For the kart racing sport

    Our #420, #428, and #520 sprockets are manufactured from 5052 aluminum and hard anodized for endurance.

    Please check out our on-line store! CMS Products
  • What’s New!

    Our Waterjet Cutting Machine!

    We are able to cut many different materials in all shapes and sizes.

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We are now manufacturing high-quality hardened steel #428 Clutch Drivers for 3/4″ and 1″ Turbo and 3-Disc Standard Clutches for all you Open, UAS, and Rebel Karters. In addition, we have #428 Axle Sprockets for the 4-Bolt and 6-Bolt hubs and #520 for the 4-Bolt hub. All are in stock and ready to ship! We produce them from 7075 hard anodized aluminum.

#428 Counter shaft sprockets are also part of our inventory and ready to go.

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