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  • Adjustable Flip Stop

    We have been granted a patent for our Adjustable Flip Stop. It is designed to make machining faster by requiring less setup time. In addition, the accuracy is maintained as part after part is positioned .
  • CMS Sprockets

    For the kart racing sport

    Our #420, #428, and #520 sprockets are manufactured from 5052 aluminum and hard anodized for endurance.

    Please check out our on-line store! CMS Products
  • What’s New!

    3D Printing

    We can provide for you 3D Printed parts in Carbon Fiber, Nylon, PC, Fiberglass, Chopped Carbon, and ABS.

    Waterjet Cutting Machine!

    We are able to cut many different materials in all shapes and sizes.

    Please give us a call to see how we can serve you!

We are currently seeking applicants for a CNC Machine Operator and a General Machinist. We are a full service machine shop with 16 CNC machines and multiple manual support machines, a waterjet cutter, and 3D printers. Our benefit package includes a competitive wage, paid vacation and holidays, health insurance, and retirement, and a good working environment.

Please apply using the downloadable application below.

Employment Application

You may submit via mail, email to cfurlow@chautauquamachine.com or fax to 716-782-4508.

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We are now manufacturing high-quality hardened steel #428 Clutch Drivers for 3/4″ and 1″ Turbo and 3-Disc Standard Clutches for all you Open, UAS, and Rebel Karters. In addition, we have #428 Axle Sprockets for the 4-Bolt and 6-Bolt hubs and #520 for the 4-Bolt hub. All are in stock and ready to ship! We produce them from 7075 hard anodized aluminum.

#428 Counter shaft sprockets are also part of our inventory and ready to go.

Please give us a call or purchase from our on-line store at

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